Hamburg News: renewable energy in Hamburg and it´s business region. Several wind mills in the business area shown.
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Berlin to Fund Northern German Project

Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein will receive funding for their NEW 4.0 energy project. 230 million euro allocated to the five winning projects

Good news for the climate: aAconsortium from Hamburg and neighbouring Schleswig-Holstein has been granted federal funding of its NEW 4.0 (Northern German Enery Transition) project in the framework of the “Showcasing Intelligent Energies – Wind” SINTEC) programme of the federal Ministry of Economy (BMWi). The project aims at covering the energy needs of the two German federal states by 2035 fully by renewable energies. By intelligently linking power distribution, storage and consumption, Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein plan to supply the region with 70 per cent of renewable energy by 2025. NEW 4.0 is one of five projects to be funded with a total of 230 million euro.

Offshore Wind To Fuel The Cities

Jens Kerstan, Hamburg Minister for Environment and Energy, is pleased about the positive preliminary decision: “NEW 4.0 is the next logical step for the future of energy without coal and nuclear. The project is backed by a broad alliance of industry, science and politics. I am pleased that the federal government wants to support this project for four years and that we have taken the next hurdle. With smart concepts, NEW 4.0 will bring offshore wind power to the cities. We want to show that the Hamburg metro region can be supplied by 70 per cent of renewable energy by 2025.”

The Hamburg Senate expects a boost of innovation for the industry by the increased use of wind power. Kerstan: “To leave coal and nuclear power behind is possible. This is a strong signal for climate protection, particularly in regard to the United Nations Conference in Paris. The north is the lighthouse of Germany’s energy transition, and the country’s pioneer of sustainable energy.”

Chance of pioneering position

“I am very pleased that the federal government has chosen the North German project NEW 4.0 project as one of five nationwide showcases of intelligent energy supply and use”, commented Hans-Jörg Schmidt-Trenz, CEO of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, on the decision of the Federal Ministry. “As a result, Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein have been given the great opportunity to promote themselves as pioneers of the energy revolution. More than 50 partners, including our Chamber of Commerce, will work towards this goal with all our strength.”

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New 4.0

NEW 4.0 strives to emphasise the opportunities brought along by the energy transition. Furthermore, it will also prove that a region with many different centres of consumption can still be covered by 100 per cent by safe, cost-effective and environmentally safe renewable energy. More than 60 partners from all sectors of the region and cross-regional partners have thus joint the “Innovation Alliance for the Century Project of the Energy Transition”, The governments of both states support the alliance in their efforts with Schleswig-Holstein as a large-scale producer of renewable energy, and Hamburg as consumer. In the model region, 700 companies with a total of 40,000 employees are active in the renewable energy sectors. Numerous universities, private research facilities, and clusters like Erneuerbare Energien Hamburg support their efforts in pushing the energy transition ahead through research, knowledge transfer, training and networking.

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