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Wheasy focusing on health in Port of Hamburg

Wheasy establishing health network for businesses in Port of Hamburg

The Hamburg-based Wheasy start-up is operating a network to improve the health of around 156,00 employees and their employers in the Port of Hamburg from July, a press release said Thursday (July 13, 2017). Jirko Kamps, Managing Director of Wheasy, noted: “There are all kinds of health offers in the inner city. Yet, the entire harbour area lacks a health infrastructure. We are putting together a team of experts to boost the health of employees in the port locally and to meet the specific demands, for instance, of people who work shifts.”

Healthy balance

The network called “Gesunder Hafen” (Healthy Port) will bring companies operating in the Port of Hamburg together to offer their employees in-house sports activities, counselling on nutrition and workplace design, stress managment and motivation. The employees can also avail of diverse psychological care offers and team events. A healthy port should help companies identify the potential of employees, boost motivation and achieve a healthy balance to offset work demands. Individual care will make the port a modern, forward-looking and attractive place to work with emphasis on health and well-being until retirement age.


Wheasy was founded in 2016 by Melina Lauk und Jirko Kampa, who are both ecotrophologists, to promote health in companies across Hamburg. More and more employers are keen to promote healthy lifestyles among their teams and are well aware of the benefits. Companies in a sector or region often face similar demands. Wheasy hit on the idea of setting up a regional, sector-specific health network, which pools the interests of companies regardless of size and employee numbers and the resources available.

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