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Speed dating for multi-truckers

Multi-trucker day at Chamber of Commerce gives overview of lorry driver's work

The Chamber of Commerce Hamburg is hosting a round of speed dating on Wednesday (June 7) to give career starters a chance to get to know transport and logistics companies or so-called multi-truckers. Over 80 per cent of all goods are transported on lorries and professional drivers are essential. The Hamburg Metropolitan Region is a hub of trade and traffic routes leading all over northern Europe.

Internships and apprenticeships

Multi-trucker projects range from container traffic, general cargo and furniture transport, long-distance as well as special and heavy goods haulage. During the rounds of speed dating, companies will present their work and offer internships lasting four weeks. Then applicants can choose either a three-year apprenticeship or a six-month professional qualification course. The aim is to provide permanent jobs that pay the minimum collectively agreed wage.

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