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Scandlines Relocates Headquarters to Hamburg

As one of Europe's largest ports, Hamburg attracts a large number of shipping companies. Now, Scandlines relocates to Hamburg, in the eyes of the company the "epi centre" of shipping

Scandlines decided to relocate headquarters from Rostock to Hamburg. “With more than 120 shipping lines, Hamburg is the maritime epicentre of Germany”, Scandlines stated on Thursday. The relocation is part of Scandlines business realignment.

Heading to New Horizons

Since its privatisation in 2007, Scandlines has changed dramatically. In 2012, five Baltic freight routes, especially to and from Rostock and Sassnitz, were sold. Thereby, the number of vessels flying the German flag was reduced from seven to three. At the same time, the group’s legal structure was simplified, as Scandlines had decided to re-align its business focus. Scandlines’ German management and its finance department at Warnemünde will be transferred to Hamburg. In Mecklenburg-Pomerania, Scandlines intends to focus its presence in the port of Rostock, where the new ships “Berlin” and “Copenhagen” will enter service in the second half of 2015.

Adjustments to be Completed by February 2015

In addition, a small number of administrative tasks will be outsourced or centralised. Overall, this adjustment will affect less than six per cent of the German workforce. Staff on board the ferries in the terminals and in the border shops will not be affected by this measure.

By implementing these changes, the company strives to permanently secure its workforce of 2,000 in Germany and Denmark. Scandlines assumes that the negotiations with the company’s workers council will be completed no later than February 2015.

About Scandlines

Founded in 1998, Scandlines is one of the largest ferry operators in Europe. It moves cargo and customers on three short distance routes between Germany, Denmark and Sweden with the help of the world’s largest fleet of hybrid ferries. In 2013, Scandlines transported eleven million passengers, 2.5 million cars, and 0.7 million cargo units on its routes Puttgarden-Rødby, Rostock-Gedser and Helsingør-Helsingborg.

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