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New jetty for traditional ships

New jetty to be built beside Hamburg's Hafenmuseum at Bremer Kai

The Hamburg Maritim foundation is having a new 200-metre pontoon for traditional ships built at the Bremer Kai, near the historic 1950s “Schuppen” or sheds in the port of Hamburg. The project is also being funded by the Hamburg Metropolitan Region, Hamburg’s Ministry for Economics, Transport and Innovation as well as Stage Entertainment GmbH. Commenting on the project, Andreas Riekhof, State Councillor for Economics, said: “This jetty will be another fixed position for traditional ships from the Hamburg Metropolitan Region arriving in the port of Hamburg. They can use it for day cruises or overnight stays. The operators of the traditional ships can add many attractions in Hamburg to their schedules. Tourism in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region will benefit from this jetty.”

Mooring right for traditional ships from the metropolitan region

The Hamburg Maritim foundation is purchasing three pontoons, which will be connected to the existing pontoon. That will give traditional ships around 200 metres anchoring space. An arched bridge will connect the pontoon with Bremer Kai providing plenty of berths for diverse ships. Traditional ships from the Hamburg Metropolitan Region such as the paddle steamer Kaiser Wilhelm from Lauenburg, the lightship Elbe 1 from Cuxhaven or the Besan-Ewer Wilhelmine and Windsbraut from Stade will be getting an excellent mooring space. These ships will be able to dock regularly in Hamburg in future. Motorboats will also be able to approach the jetty from the St. Pauli-Landungsbrücken, the Elbphilharmonie and the jetty at the Stage Musical Theater.


The new pontoon will allow visitors and tourists to view maritime attractions such as the Hafenmuseum, the old port railway, the historic Kai-Schuppen, ships and cranes per ship. The jetty will be opposite the Oswaldkai – a well-known viewing point in the port of Hamburg.

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The overall costs of EUR 900,000 are being funded by the City of Hamburg with EUR 225,000, the states of Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein with EUR 112,500 respecitively via funds to promote the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. The Ministry for Economics, Transport and Innovation, Stage Entertainment GmbH and the Hamburg Maritim foundation are bearing EUR 150,000 of the costs each.

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