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New ACL Class Entered Service In Hamburg

The “Atlantic Star” embarked on its first journey from Hamburg’s O’Swaldkai multi-purpose terminal on 19 December 2015

The ConRo ship from the Grimaldi subsidiary ACL (Atlantic Container Line) is the first of five newbuilds in the new environmentally friendly G4 class. The HHLA subsidiary UNIKAI Lagerei- und Speditionsgesellschaft, in which the Italian shipping company Grimaldi also holds shares, loaded the “Atlantic Star” with containers and RoRo goods such as heavy construction machinery. The ship will first head to the ports in Northern Europe before going on to serve the North American ports in the North Atlantic.

420 Tonnes of Load

ACL’s fourth generation ConRo ship (G4) has a significantly increased loading capacity both for containers and RoRo vessels and vehicles. The “Atlantic Star” is 296 metres in length and 5.30 metres wider than its 37.6-metre wide predecessor. The design for ramps and storage spaces has also been revamped, almost doubling the container capacity and increasing space for RoRo vessels and vehicles by approximately one third. Rolling cargo weighing 420 tonnes can be loaded onto the ship via the stern ramp.

Less Emissions

Further innovations have been introduced to reduce consumption and emit less harmful exhaust fumes. All the ships in this class are equipped with a “scrubber”. This device is used to reduce sulphur from emissions, which will also benefit the air quality in the Port of Hamburg.

The four further sister ships of the “Atlantic Star” are each due to enter service over the coming year at intervals of two months. They will replace the current G3 ships serving the North Atlantic. When this newbuild project is completed, the Grimaldi Group, together with its subsidiary ACL, will become the world’s largest modern ConRo tonnage provider.

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