Hamburg News: Hafen und Logistik - Shipping-Container-Schiff - © HMG Christian Spahrbier
Erstanlauf der „Munich Maersk“ aus der 2. Generation der Triple-E-Klasse in Hamburg © HHM / Bengt van Beuningen

"Munich Maersk" stops over in Hamburg on maiden voyage

"Munich Maersk" - biggest ever container ship has arrived in Port of Hamburg

The brand new “Munich Maersk” with a capacity of 20,568 standard containers (TEU) became the biggest ever container ship to stop over in the Port of Hamburg where it arrived on Saturday (August 5, 2017) during its maiden voyage. Delivered in June, the carrier counts among the Maersk Triple E class of ships with capacities of over 18,000 TEU. Maersk Line has 630 container ships making the company a global carrier. Jens-Ole Krenzien, Vice President of Maersk Northwest Europe, said: “The first arrival of ‘Munich Maersk’ in Hamburg is another reason to celebrate the good co-operation with the city and port. The latest addition of the ship to our modern fleet underlines our commitment to offering clients in Germany and all over the world an efficient, environment-friendly and reliable service.”

Efficient container ships

The “Munich Maersk” is one of eleven container ships to be delivered by late 2018. Ships in the second generation of the Triple E class are set to replace smaller, inefficient ships sailing the high seas in the Asia-Europe region. In terms of efficiency and sustainability, the “Munich Maersk” and similar vessels boast lengths of 400 metres and are similar in size to the first-generation carriers. However, “Munich Maersk” can load 2,000 more TEU making the carrier 7 per cent more efficient than first-generation carriers.

“Munich Maersk” and “Mol Triumph”

In late 2016, 47 giant freighters were travelling the oceans and their numbers are set to have more than doubled by the close of 2019. ULCVs are only profitable, if their capacity utilisation is very high. Shipping companies hope to be able to fill them to capacity as a result of membership of alliances.

The “MOL Triumph”, owned by the Japanese shipping company Mitsui O.S.K Lines, called at the Port of Hamburg in May. The 400-metre long, giant ship can transport 20,170 standard containers (TEU) – slightly less than the “Munich Maersk”.

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