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HHLA Subsidary To Expand Transport Network In Poland

In June, the HHLA rail operator, Polzug will be adding the inland terminal of Wroclaw in southern Poland to its transport network

Starting in June, three trains per week will initially shuttle between Polzug’s main container hub in Poznan and the inland terminal of Wroclaw located some 200 kilometres south. This facility is operated by Schavemaker, a Dutch logistics and transport company. In 2014, it handled approximately 30,000 standard containers (TEU). Conveniently located close to the A4 motorway, its total storage capacity amounts to approximately 3,000 TEU.

Well-Suited For Heavy Goods

Polzug can now offer its customers a comprehensive range of services at this partner terminal, too, ranging from customs clearance to EDI reporting and depot services. Furthermore, the terminal is excellently suited for heavy goods, and is also used by Schavemaker for handling its own shipments.

“The terminal in Wroclaw is a great addition to our transport network. Our customers benefit from the tried-and-tested Polzug service quality that we offer them there. Connecting this terminal to our transport network is particularly attractive for customers who have previously accessed the German and Polish seaports by road. Our partnership with Schavemaker provides us with greater flexibility and cuts our fixed costs. That, in turn, makes us more competitive,” says Peter Plewa, Managing Director of Polzug.

Wroclaw Terminal To Be Expanded

“We are delighted about the partnership with Polzug. This is a partner that we can grow with. In the current year of 2015, we intend to expand the terminal in Wroclaw substantially: there will be new tracks designed for block trains, gantry cranes for efficient container handling and more storage capacity. Plus, we can use the Polzug network for our own shipments,” says Rico Schavemaker, CEO and owner.

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On Polzug

HHLA subsidiary Polzug Intermodal offers to its customers intelligent intermodal and logistics solutions from both northern German and Polish seaports in Poland’s hinterland. Polzug Intermodal’s intermodal network creates fast and efficient connections to Poland’s five most important economic regions of Poznán, Wroclaw, Katowice, Lodz and Warsaw. Services comprise container provisions, container storage, electronic depot registration and customs handling. The subsidiary Polzug Intermodal Georgia organises all forms of transport from the Georgian seaports to Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Afghanistan.


Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) is one of Europe’s leading port logistics groups. At its hubs in the ports of Hamburg and Odessa as well as inland, the company links three different carriers – ships, trains and trucks – to create a powerful logistics chain which set economic and ecological standards. The three high-performance terminals in Hamburg make the port the most important container hub between Asia and Central/Eastern Europe. With their network of connections and dedicated terminals, the rail companies operate high-performance container transportation services between the ports on the North and Baltic seas and between the Northern Adriatic and its hinterland.
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