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Hermes prolongs tests of Starship robots in Hamburg

Return of packages to be tested from January as well

Hermes Germany and the Estonian start-up, Starship Technologies have extended tests of package delivery per robot until March 31, 2017, Hermes announced Thursday (December 22) From January, the return of packages will be tested as well. Three Starship robots are delivering packages from Hermes parcel receiving offices in Ottensen, Grindelviertel and Rotherrbaum at present. The pilot tests had originally been scheduled to end in late December. Select test customers order a delivery per smart phone and decide on the time of the delivery. A dealer, who accompanies the robot, is in constant contact with Starship’s headquarters in the Estonian capital Tallinn.

From shop to door

The robot transports up to two Hermes S packages measuring 35×34×15 cm each in a locked compartment. As soon as the robot has reached its destination, the recipient gets an SMS notification and can take the delivery at their door. A code unlocks the storage compartment. If someone tries to force it open, the robot sounds the alarm and informs headquarters automatically. No job losses will result from using the robots. Hermes is instead providing a new service to simplify the delivery of packages.

Test of pop-up stores

Hermes is also testing pop-up stores in shopping centres such as Alstertal in Hamburg-Poppenbüttel, Berlin (Gesundbrunnen), Nuremberg (Franken-Center) and Ludwigshafen (Rhein-Galerie) to gauge the locations. So far, Hermes package shops have been located in kiosks, filling stations and retailers.

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