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Award for "Green Cruise Port" project

Hamburg Port Authority and Cruise Gate Hamburg committed to European sustainabilty project

The Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) and its subsidiary Cruise Gate Hamburg came second Thursday in the infrastructure category of the Baltic Clean Maritime Award (BCMA) presented in Berlin. The award is part of the pan-European Green Cruise Port project that encourages investments and procedures in environmentally friendly cruise ports infra and superstructure. The project has been launched amid rising cruise ship passenger numbers. From 2000 to 2015, passenger numbers increased an average 9.7 per cent annually in the Baltic Sea region and the neighbouring North Sea lending ever more importance to sustainability.

Around 1,000 delegates discussed strategies for the Baltic Sea region and the North Sea at the congress. Jens Meier, CEO of HPA, said: “The Port of Hamburg is already setting new standards for lowering emissions with Europe’s largest landside power part with LNG refuelling options for cruise ships. The project allows all those involved to exchange ideas that benefit everyone. Sustainability is our joint goal.“

Agenda of Green Cruise Port project

Partners in the three-year Green Cruise Port project are to work on joint solutions for minimizing the impact of cruise ships on the environment in the Baltic Sea and North Sea regions. Energy supply, lowering emissions, smart terminal buildings, innovative disposal facilities and intelligent transport solutions as well as regional economic effects of cruise shipping are high on the agenda.

Sacha Rougier, Managing Director of Cruise Gate Hamburg, said: “From very early, we have offered our partners diverse alternative energy supplies at our terminals and gained crucial experience. For the next generation of cruise ships, the exchange with all cruise ports is important to offer shipping companies a reliable network of ports that guarantees the smooth supply of alternative fuels on diverse routes.“

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The GREEN CRUISE PORT project is being funded by the EU. The project is being carried out with port authorities in Hamburg, Rostock, Helsinki, Bergen, Esbjerg, Klaipeda, Tallinn and Riga and a research institute in Gdansk. The project in Hamburg is backed by HPA’s subsidiary Cruise Gate Hamburg, the Hamburg Cruise Center and the Senate Chancellery.

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