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Hamburg is leading EU projects in the North Sea and Baltic Sea

With currently 21 projects approved by the European Union's Interreg programme, Hamburg is top in the north

Also in the new round of funding, Hamburg reports a record participation in EU programmes directed at the development of the North Sea and Baltic Sea. In total, 21 Interreg projects have been approved for Hamburg, bringing 6.6 million euro for European funds to the Hanseatic city.

Hamburg has more than 100 Partners in Europe

Wolfgang Schmidt, State Secretary, Commissioner for Federal, European and Foreign Affairs of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, comments: “Hamburg takes part in shaping Europe. It is a good sign that so many public and private actors of our city benefit from European funding. The Interreg programmes foster professional exchange and co-operation between the regions in the Baltic Sea and North Sea. They strengthen Hamburg’s position in the heart of Europe. We now have a strong network of several hundred European partners. “

This year, some 30 Hamburger institutions and businesses will start their work in European co-operation projects. From the current funding, the Baltic Science Network, NorthSEE and EMMA are projects that exemplify the high potential for co-operation in the North and Baltic Sea.

Interreg Project Baltic Science Network

The Baltic Sea region is one of the leading higher education and research sites worldwide. However, it does need sufficient networking of its key players in a common institutional framework. The Baltic Science Network project will therefore establish a network of twenty ministries of science and research and higher education and research networks, involving also the European Commission and the CBSS. The strategic cooperation will be expanded beyond borders in selected areas of research. In addition, the mobility of scientists and students in the Baltic Sea region is to be promoted and lobbying in Brussels to be supported. The scientific network of Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Russia is headed by the Hamburg Ministry of Science and Research.

Interreg project NorthSEE

In the last decade, the sea has become crowded. Next to fishing and shipping, oil and gas, wind farms have been added. The intensified use of the oceans leads to conflicts between economy and ecology. Supported by the European Union, all North Sea States try to defuse these conflicts with comprehensive planning and eco-friendly optimised ways to use the sea.

Interreg project EMMA

By the end of 2015, the IWT project “EMMA” was approved by the INTERREG V B Baltic Sea programme. Over the next three years, the Port of Hamburg Marketing e.V. and 20 project partners from the Baltic Sea region will be focussing their activities on strengthing the inland waterways in Germany and Europe and reviving the transport of cargo on the traditional inland transport ways.

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About the Interreg Programme

Interreg stand for “European territorial co-operation” and is part of the structural and investment policy of the European Union. It will foster European co-operation between public institutions, universities, and companies. Thus, Europe will be strengthened as a sustainable, environmentally efficient and innovative destination for business and science. The variety of approved projects is broad – from exchange of staff and students to flood protection, environmentally friendly cruise ports to youth training or age-optimised furniture.

The projects serve as European platforms of learning, with a dozen partners exchanging experiences and approaches in the respective subject field. Regional initiatives and policies can thus be compared and improved, while jointly implementing new approaches in pilot projects.
The funds allocated to the Interreg programmes are being negotiated and allocated for a period of seven years. In 2014, the last funding period endet. It was a great success for Hamburg’s international network. In the frame of the Interreg programmes, nearly 100 Hamburg institutions co-operated with European partners to develop innvative solutions in transport, sustainability, and other areas. In total, Interreg projects brought a total of 30 million euro of European funding to Hamburg in the past 15 years.

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