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Offizielle Modellregion für Drohnen in Hamburg © Jan Brandes

Hamburg to become model drone region

EU-Commission supports city as model region - emphasis on civilian use of unmanned drones

Hamburg joined Friday (June 8) the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) initiative by the European Innovation Partnership for Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SCC) supported by the European Commission. The metropolitan region is now an official demonstrator of the civilian use of drones and other urban air mobility technologies. Frank Horch, Senator for Economics, Transport and Innovation, representatives of EIP-SCC and the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation (Eurocontrol) signed the “Manifesto of Intent” during the 52nd Hamburg Aviation Forum at the Hotel Hafen Hamburg on Friday.

Smart applications for drones in civilian sector

Scenarios for the systematic use of new aircraft in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region are to be developed in close co-operation between industry, universities and authorities. The time-critical transport of medical goods, for instance, or the inspection and maintenance of large infrastructures such as port bridges or wind turbines are conceivable. Horch noted: “With internationally visible core industries such as aviation, maritime logistics, wind energy and life sciences, Hamburg is predestined to develop new, smart civilian application areas for drones, beneficial in equal measure to the commercial sector and the general population. As host city of ITS World Congress 2021, we are delighted to already be involved in shaping the dialogue in this growth market at the European level.”

Smart cities opening up new perspectives

The UAM initiative has been endorsed and supported by the European Commission and is part of the Sustainable Urban Mobility action cluster of the EIP-SCC aimed at delivering concrete, urban projects that have a positive impact by raising investments and accelerating innovation. This comes against the backdrop and costs of traffic congestion, which already exceeds EUR 100 billion every year across Europe and rising. The targeted use of unmanned drones could drive the development of innovative services in metropolitan regions.

Strong Hanseatic participation in project

Apart from Hamburg, other European metropolitan regions, such as Geneva, are taking part in UAM. Plans are being laid for continuous interaction and talks between the participating cities. The initiative is being led by Airbus with Eurocontrol and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Other supporters and partners include Hamburg’s Ministry of Economics, Transport and Innovation, Lufthansa Technik, several universities, and the ZAL Center for Applied Aeronautical Research. The latter laid the foundation for the WiNDroVe project last year in Hamburg marking the start of successful European collaborations.

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