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Frischepost delivers food to front door, offers "corona" discount

#flattenthecurve: online farm shop providing alternative to everyday shopping

The Hamburg-based Frischepost online farm shop is offering discounts on fruit and vegetables, dairy products, beverages and drugstore items i.e. toilet paper until the crisis surrounding the coronavirus situation has calmed down, a press release said Friday (March 13.3.2020). The company’s increased social commitment come against the spread of the coronavirus, which is forcing more and more people across Hamburg to stay at home, to work in home offices and to avoid places where people gather. The company has urged people not to panic buy. “You should only order as much as you need at present. We deliver mostly fresh products,” said an employee. Anything can be reordered at any time – even hygiene products, which are currently in high demand, the company told Hamburg News.

#flattenthecurve movement

Frischepost is part of the #flattenthecurve movement to slow down the number of new infections per day. The spread of the coronanvirus has prompted restrictions on everyday life in Hamburg and all over the world. Frischepost is foregoing 10 per cent of sales to show social responsibility and help uphold essential suppies of food. “We want to set an example and are now supplying our customers with healthy food at reduced prices. And not just once, but until the situation surrounding the coronavirus has eased. Our flattenthecurve vouchers give consumers a 10 per cent discount on every order of fresh food,” said Eva Neugebauer, joint Managing Director of Frischepost.

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Short supply chains

Frischepost’s goods come straight from the producers and farmers. No warehouses are needed. The company co-operates with 300 suppliers in the Hamburg region and the products are delivered to consumers without detours. Frischepost is also keen on the sustainability of products including essential hygiene articles such as toilet paper or soap. Social contact is minimized when delivering to protect people. “Our supply chain will always meet all hygiene standards. The reusable box is placed outside the front door and does not have to be accepted personally. Food that has to be refrigerated is delivered in a cool bag and remains fresh until late in the evening,” said Jule Willing, joint Managing Director of Frischepost.

Supporting regional agriculture

Consumers places orders for EUR 25 minimum. Orders placed before 11 am will be delivered between 4 pm and 10 pm the next day (Mondays to Fridays). Founded in 2015, Frischepost supports regional agricultural businesses and helps them with direct marketing to create fair prices and transparency. Frischepost has 60 staff at present.

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#Flattening the curve# refers to community isolation measures that keep the daily number of disease cases at a manageable level for medical services. The idea is to slow the transmission of COVID-19 so that a community does not have an overwhelming number of cases at the same time.

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