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Cruise ships using green energy in Port of Hamburg

Hamburg Energie, AIDA Cruises and Hamburg Port Authority sign agreement on energy - landside power plant starts operating

A new landside power plant has begun operating in the Hamburg Cruise Center Altona and supplied the AIDAsol with green energy marking the start of a new era in shipping, a press release said Wednesday. The cruise ship was supplied with green energy from the power plant during the entire layover period after the pilot stage ended successfully in late 2016. The AIDAsol managed to shut down generators during the layover. Dr. Monika Griefahn, Director for the Environment and Society at AIDA Cruises, said: “Together with our partners here in Hamburg, we are taking the next step and making an important contribution to climate protection and clean air.” The AIDAsol will use the landside power plant 12 times during the 2017 season.

Hamburg Energie supplying cruise ships with green energy

The landside power plant will also benefit Hamburg as a cruise ship location. Following the start of regular operations, Hamburg Energie, AIDA Cruises and Hamburg Port Authority signed an agreement sealing the supply of energy. “The Port of Hamburg plays a special role because we are systematically extending our wind farm there. The landside power plant in Altona will be supplied immediately with clean energy. When cruise ships dock in Altona, they will increasingly be using green energy instead of diesel for ships,” said Michael Beckereit, Managing Director of Hamburg Energie.

Lanside power plant setting standards

The landside power plant supplies energy on two frequencies – 60 hertz and 50 hertz. Around 75 per cent of all ships in international maritime transport are equipped with 60 hertz networks. However, few countries run networks on that frequency. This is where the landside power plant is setting standards by offering both frequencies.

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