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Companies and Trade Unions Forge New Alliance to Strengthen Brunsbüttel

At the 26th Brunsbüttel Industry Talks, custom-tailored energy provision and infrastructure topics dominated the the agenda

Around 130 guests from politics, administration, and business accepted the invitation of the ChemCoast Park Brunsbüttel to attend the 26th Brunsbüttel Industry Talk aboard MS Freya at the Kiel Canal. Major topics of the evenings were infrastructure topics and questions of an appropriate energy supply. Both issues are important factors for the success and efficiency of the local and port industry. To address these issues, Uwe Beckmeyer, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, Dr. Frank Nägele, State Secretary at the Schleswig-Holstein Ministry of Economic Affairs, and Frank Schnabel, spokesman of ChemCoast’s plant manager round, joined panel discussion.

Brunsbüttel – Germany’s Sixth-Largest Seaport   As the largest contiguous industrial area in Schleswig-Holstein, the ChemCoast Park Brunsbüttel significantly influences the local economy with 4,000 direct and 12,500 indirect jobs. Both large corporations as well as medium-sized companies from the chemical, energy, and logistics sector characterize the location. Many of the companies are currently investing, and thus secure jobs in the otherwise rural region. In addition, around twelve million tonnes of goods are handled via the Brunsbüttel Port Group, making the lower Elbe port Germany’s sixth largest seaport.

h2. “Industrial policy alliance Brunsbüttel” closed.
To secure and develop the location is a matter of the heart, endeavoured by employers and workers alike The long-term competitiveness of companies also means the long-term security of good jobs. For this reason, the plant manager round of the ChemCoast Park Brunsbüttel and the DGB district north forged the new “Industry Policy Alliance Brunsbüttel”. “Together, we will stand up for the needs of the site. Infrastructure and energy topics are particularly important to us and will thus be strongly promoted and pursued”, said Schnabel and added: “In June, we jointly have already organised the Industry Policy Forum. Due to its huge success, the forming of our alliance was the next logical step. “
Uwe Polkaehn, chairman of the DGB district north, declared: “The industry in Brunsbüttel provides good jobs to the people in the region. The alliance shows that employers and employees can stand up for a common goal. Because we have the same objective: to strengthen Brunsbüttel as industrial location in the long term and to render it more competitive “.

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