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Brunsbüttel Ports Certified As Eco-Friendly

Operator successfully certified as green port along the international standard DIN EN ISO 14001

Brunsbüttel Ports GmbH significantly expanded its quality management system. The port at the Lower Elbe river at the entrance of the Kiel Canal has been successfully certified along the international environmental standard ISO 14001. Now officially recognised as a Greenport, Brunsbüttel Ports will continue to keep the balance between protection of the economic interests while meeting environmental-related challenges.

Green Port

For one week, two auditors of DEKRA visited the companies, observed the work flow and monitored both the documentation and the practical work of the logistics involved. “By the ISO 14001 certification, we emphasise the fact that investments and actions in the field of environmental protection are an integral part of our corporate policy”, says Frank Schnabel, director of Brunsbüttel Ports. He explains: “This includes also the claim to meet the requirements of our customers with environmentally friendly processes and technologies. It is important not only to talk about environmental and resource protection, but to confirm our words by actions.”

Resource Protection And Environmentally Friendly Fuels

Environmental protection measures taken by the port range from the basic avoidance of negative environmental impacts to the improved economic use of resources and energy and on to reduced emissions, an environmentally friendly waste management and, last but not the, efforts to increase environmental awareness and consciousness among employees. Furthermore, Brunsbüttel Ports are strongly commited to environmentally friendly fuels.

Expansion of LNG infrastructure

LNG (liquefied natural gas) is seen by experts as the environmentally friendly fuel of the future. For several years, Brunsbüttel Ports have been pursuing concepts for the implementation of a LNG infrastructure. Located at the intersection of the Elbe river with the Kiel Canal, the industrial and port premises of Brunsbuttel are strategically an excellent location for an LNG infrastructure.

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On ISO 14001

The international standard 14001 specifies requirements for an environmental management system that enable an organisation to develop and implement environment policies and objectives. The legal requirements cover all significant environmental aspects. The standard is applicable to organisations of all types and size, no matter where they are located or in which field they are being active.

Worldwide, more than 260,000 companies and organisations – from small pharmacies to large industrial companies and government agencies – have been certified along the environmental standard ISO 14001. In Germany, approximately 6,000 companies and organisations have implemented an environmental management system according to ISO 14001.

On Brunsbüttel Ports GmbH

Brunsbüttel Ports GmbH is part of SCHRAMM group and owner and operator of the ports of Brunsbüttel (Elbehafen, Oilport, Port of Ostermoor), which makes it the the largest Industrial port in Schleswig-Holstein. Furthermore, Brunsbüttel Ports GmbH operates the port of Glückstadt and a terminal at Aurubis AG, Hamburg.

Handling more than ten million tonnes of goods per year, Brunsbüttel is the sixth largest German seaport. Looking just at the handling of dry bulk goods, its universal port Elbehafen is ranked fourth in Germany. Due to its unique location at the Lower Elbe river and the Kiel Canal, the port provides direct access to North and Baltic Sea, proximity to Hamburg, access to European waterways, while offering spacious industrial areas in close distance to the port.

In past years, Brunsbüttel Ports also developed into a hub of the wind energy industry. REpower Systems AG has been a major customer for many years, making Brunsbüttel one of their busiest transshipment centres.

Source: Brunsbüttel Ports GmbH

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