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App speeds up handling in Port of Hamburg

New app eases container trucking in harbour

Samir Dedič, 32, drives his articulated lorry to the large HHLA container terminals in Altenwerder (CTA), Burchardkai (CTB) and Tollerort (CTT) several times during his shift. He picks up a container, delivers it to a customer and waits until the steel box is discharged on every trip and then returns to the terminal and goes through the port where he regularly spots one of Hamburg’s most famous landmarks: “I cross the Köhlbrand Bridge around 15 times a day,” said the lorry driver.

Container handling per app

People like Dedič make the complex process of container handling in Germany’s largest port possible. Without them, all operations at the terminal would soon come to a standstill. Dedič is a driver at a haulage company and works mainly for the HHLA subsidiary Container-Transport-Dienst (CTD). Dedič’s mobile is his constant companion and contains the CTD app. Since May, the app has connected him in real time to his dispatchers and he receives push notifications with up-to-date information about his trips.

Convenience is now the norm thanks to app. Drivers just have to log into the system once using their user data and CTD chassis number and receive all data for their next trip. Customs and release numbers are provided and in future terminal-handling slots will be given also. The driver can take photos of documents and containers with the phone and send them to CTD, if necessary. Once the chassis number has been provided, the QR code on the trailer is scanned and the location received.

Immediate effects of digitalisation

The app is making daily tasks easier and saves time. Dedič pointed out: “Using the app is much easier than the web announcement process. It’s always running in the background and notifies me of any relevant information. Before, I had to print and submit container and release numbers for each trip. Now I can do it all digitally on my phone.” The app’s key element is the connection to the TR02 system, an interface between the truckers and the terminal. Following an intense testing phase, the app can now handle the slot-booking process, which has been mandatory at all HHLA terminals from November 29, 2017.

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