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34 parking spaces for locomotives in Port of Hamburg

New locomotive servicing point to ease rail traffic in port and reduce empty runs

The Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) laid the groundstone Wednesday (April 21, 2017) for work on a new servicing point for locomotives in a bid to reduce the number of empty runs and ease traffic on the railway. Around 200 locomotives travel the rails every day including many lone vehicles heading to service points outside the harbour causing even more traffic between the port and the Harburg region.

Harbour railway to raise capacity

A modern service point with parking spaces for locomotives, garages, filling stations, offices and social areas is being built in the Alte Süderelbe railway station on Dradenauer Deichweg. Tino Klemm, Chief Financial Officer and a Member of HPA’s Management Board, said: “Building the service point for locomotives will increase the capacity of the harbour railway’s network. The HPA is raising the economic attractiveness of railway companies in the Port of Hamburg. At the same time, the concept is environmentally friendly and sustainable as many empty runs are being avoided.” The servicing point is part of the overall concept of expanding infrastructure in the west part of the port.

Servicing point from spring 2017, garage from 2018

The new servicing point will be similar to a car parking lot with 32 special, adjacent parking spaces and two separate ones. An 80 × 75 metre transfer system will be located in the centre to move the vehicles into the parking position. The servicing point will be accessible to all 135 railway undertakings travelling in the port. A two-track garage for locomotives is to be built as well. Office spaces for train dispatchers as well as rest and social areas for train drivers and shunting services also are being built. The service points will go into operation in late 2017 and the locomotive garage will probably be open from in spring 2018.

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