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Mineralien Hamburg 2019 to open its doors

Hamburg hosting largest jewellery fair in northern Europe

Around 400 exhibitors are expected at Mineralien Hamburg from December 6-8, 2019 in Messe Hamburg. The event is not only one of the largest mineral exchanges in the world, but also northern Europe’s largest jewellery fair. The exhibits feature all kinds of precious stones, crystals and jewellery.


This year, emphasis will be on the “Moonstone” gemstone, present excavations and a keynote on the impact of meteorites and climate changes down through the Earth’s history. The Archaeological Museum Hamburg will outline the history of Hamburg in a talk entitled “From the Hammaburg to the foundation of the city”. Children can try washing gold, cracking geodes or polishing opals in the Discovery Hall.

Craftsmanship, unique jewellery and stones from all over the world

Organizers are hoping for a high turnover during the run-up to Christmas. Exhibitors such as LivingDesigns will be presenting precious stone rods for the energetic charging of drinking water. The rods are made of lead-free glass with lids made of olive wood. “Glass is the ideal natural container for gemstones. The rods are not closed and the gemstones can be replaced,” said Steffen Löwe of LivingDesigns.

Jewellers at Atelier Herzblut specialise in gems inspired by fairy tales and myths. One pendant shows a dwarf carrying an unearthed crystal while another features Merlin, the magician, with a large chrome tourmaline. Herzblut’s studio produces unique pieces or small series and caters to customer wishes. At Müller Kokot visitors can find cut and faceted gemstones from Sri Lanka, luminous spheres and demantoids from Madagascar and natural rubies from Burma. Exhibits also feature tourmalines from Africa and Brazil, tsavorites, tanzanites and emeralds from Colombia. In addition to exhibitors from all over Germany, Hamburg-based companies including Galeria Alisina will be presenting antiques from Afghanistan, Central Asia and Africa.

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