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Women in Hamburg's music scene form lobby group

Women manage only 7.4 per cent of companies in Association of Independent Music Businesses

Some 50 women in “musicHHwomen –”, a lobby group for women in Hamburg’s music scene formed with RockCity Hamburg, met Sunday (June 18) in the St. Pauli Club kukuunihre to launch their new platform. The musicHHwomen group helps women with qualifications, presentations, finding jobs, mentoring, training and networking in a bid to ease work in the music scene. The group was formed during the “Musik Dialogs Hamburg” held at the start of the 2016 Reeperbahn Festival in City Hall to promote young talents and bridge the gender gap. The group is backed by the Ministry for Culture and Media.

Gender conflicts in the music industry

Few women are at the helm of music companies. Women manage only 7.4 per cent of companies in the Association of Independent Music Businesses (VUT). And women account for less than 8.0 per cent of those at music festivals. Figures on regional levels are no better and women producers, percussionists, executives and label owners account for less than 6.0 per cent.

Qualifications, presence and empowerment

Andrea Rothaug, Managing Director of RockCity Hamburg e.V., noted: “Targeted promotion of women in executive positions and as authors or company owners in the music industry is our special issue. Qualifications, presence as well as empowerment are important to us as well as evaluation and diversity.“ RockCity Hamburg e.V. has promoted the work of female composers, lyricists, musicians, publishers, labels, event organisers and bookers by finding venues for performances and marketing since 1987.

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