DJ Kemit mit Chefboss-Sängerin Alice Martin © Katja Ruge

"VYNL Hamburg" highlights Hamburg's musical edge

Das Bo, Chefboss, Rhonda and Co put Hamburg on global music airwaves

The producers of VYNL are bringing the sound of cities worldwide to life and are taking viewers on a tour of the world’s most creative and musical cities kickstarting in Hamburg. Shot in co-operation with Hamburg Marketing GmbH, the 25-minute documentary will screen in over 50 countries. The international multimedia series focuses on musicians, hit producers and music trendsetters in the Hanseatic city, who immerse viewers and listeners in the “Sound of Hamburg”.

Dip into Hamburg’s soundtrack

U.S. producer Farook Singh has already portrayed places like Japan or Peru on film and in music. The new format plunges the audience into Hamburg’s sounds using sharp cuts and encounters with artists. “When we arrived in Hamburg, the first impressions were of a quiet city in keeping with classical music and Hamburg’s famous long history of music. But as soon as we got to know the artists, Hamburg came to life in all its musical colours. The music offers in the city are brilliant,” said Singh.

From Elbphilharmonie to Schanzenviertel

“The language of music is understood all over the world,” said Michael Otremba, Managing Director of Hamburg Marketing GmbH. The movie conveys this message almost entirely without words. Presented by DJ Kemit, who came to fame as a member of the Grammy Award winning Hip Hop group Arrested Development, the series takes viewers to all the zany, diverse places in Hamburg. The film was shot on location with Das Bo in the Schanzenviertel, with pianist Alexander Krichel in the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, in the Steinway piano factory, with JOCO in the Alte Elbtunnel and in the Mojo Club.

VYNL Hamburg showcases the city on TV screens in 50 countries and online and has a total potential reach of 2.7 billion viewers. The movie will be available on more than ten international TV networks and is now accessible under Hamburg-Tourism. It will go on the streaming platform shortly.

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