Gründerinnen und Geschäftsführerinnen Linda Ahrens und Tina Spiessmacher © Unown

Unown joins IFB funding programme

Hamburger Investitions- und Förderbank funding online leasing platform for fashion

The Unown fashion leasing service, founded in 2019, has joined the Hamburger Investitions- und Förderbank’s (IFB) InnoFounder programme, a press release said Tuesday (March 3, 2020). The online website gives customers seeking statement pieces access to sustainable fashion brands through membership or individual leases. This also caters to the needs of customers who wish to limit their amount of clothes to a minimum.

Early founding phase

Unown is still in the early phase of founding and its business model goes perfectly with IFB’s support programme for start-ups in the pre-founding and founding phase. This is also in keeping with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. “We are receiving significant financial support and also join Hamburg’s most promising start-ups through the InnoFounder programme,“said Linda Ahrens, joint CEO of Unown.

Reviewing sustainable fashion

Unown has set itself the goal of making sustainable fashion more attractive and accessible. Every garment offered has to meet four criteria: use of sustainable and/or recycled and recyclable materials, water and energy efficient production, fair and safe working conditions and durability. Unown is targeting customers, who attach great importance to fashion, but also want to shop sustainably.

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