Panik-Rocher Udo Lindenberg und Corny Littmann vor dem Klubhaus auf der Reeperbahn © Tine Acke

Udo Lindenberg to rock Hamburg with new "Panik City"

Singer promises high-tech, high-text, multimedia magic flight through “Udo-universe". "Simply cool," says Corny Littmann, head of Klubhaus

One of Germany’s most popular rock stars, Udo Lindenberg, is planning a spectacular “Panik City” worth millions on the Reeperbahn in St. Pauli, Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa reported Wednesday. “It will be neither a museum nor a memory show but a high-tech, high-text, multimedia magical flight through the “Udo-universe’,” said Lindenberg, 71. The extravaganza will open in autumn.

In 2015, Lindenberg inaugurated the Klubhaus St. Pauli featuring a light and media facade on Hamburg’s Spielbudenplatz. The club will now house “Panik City” with the Udo Lindenberg Experience spanning 700 square metres and featuring a multimedia world of experience. The innovative technology, art and culture project will sketch the rock star’s musical career and political activism making it palpable for visitors. The extravaganza is likely to become a new tourist highlight in Hamburg. “There are 763 excellent doubles, but a least 1 million people who are very keen on the ‘Panik Show’. It was a question of how to manage that. Thanks to virtual reality, the real ‘panic’ nightingale can now chirp everywhere at the same time…,” said Lindenberg.

Aspects of Hamburg as a city of music

Olaf Scholz, Mayor of Hamburg, noted: “Udo Lindenberg has very close ties to Hamburg. I like that his music and his work take a stance again and again and wherever needed in our society. So I’m delighted that a way of implementing the ‘Panik City’ project has been found. The Klubhaus on the Reeperbahn is the best location. It will certainly be a gain for the people of Hamburg and their guests and show another, diverse side of Hamburg – a city of music.”

Special virtual train to Pankow

Fans can expect a great, quirky “Special Train to Pankow”. (Lindenberg released the song “Sonderzug nach Pankow“ as a single in February 1983 when the Berlin suburb of Pankow was still in East Berlin. The song was in reaction to a refusal by the East German government refusal to allow the West German singer to give a concert there.) A drone flight over Lindenberg’s birthplace of Gronau, an Udo flying saucer or UFO will also feature in the extravaganza with a mix of video, virtual reality, augmented reality, 360-degree views, music, painting, art and politics. Visitors can use a multi-media headset to travel through time and rediscover several decades in the history of Germany with Lindenberg. Guides will accompany guests through various stations on the 60-minute tour. Lindenberg will present stops in his extraordinary life himself.

Lindenberg has brought well-known partners such as Corny Littmann, head of Schmidt Theater and Schmidts Tivoli, the producer and restaurant owner Axel Strehlitz (Klubhaus St. Pauli) aboard. Commenting on the venture, Littmann said: “Panik City in the middle of the Reeperbahn is simply cool. It will be an experience for young and old, an attraction for Hamburg and a really exciting, fun project with Udo.”

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