Die Triennale in Hamburg auf dem Times Square in New York

Triennial of Photography now underway in Hamburg

Political, global "Triennial of Photography" focusing on 350 artists and with 250 events

The 7th Triennial of Photography Hamburg launched Thursday (June 7) through September 2018 in co-operation with Hamburg’s museums, cultural institutions, and galleries marking the start of the opening week until June 17. Initiated by the photographer and collector Prof. F. C. Gundlach, the triennial has been held since 1999. Organised by the Deichtorhallen Hamburg GmbH since 2014, it is one of Germany’s largest, traditional photo festivals. Some 320 artists are taking part this year as well as 50 art and cultural institutions with more than 250 events.

Triennial to highlight social relevance of photography

Speaking at the opening ceremony on Thursday, Dr. Carsten Brosda, Senator for Culture and Media, noted: “Hamburg’s long tradition as the home of the photographic art culminated 19 years ago in the ‘Triennial of Photography’ – a kind of urban gesamtkunstwerk that is unique in Germany. The curators are pursuing social upheaval with the seventh triennial, and resulting changes, thus underlining the social relevance of photography. Events during the triennial offer multidimensional, extraordinary perspectives that call for reflection and dialogue in equal measure”.

Under the artistic direction of Krzysztof Candrowicz for the second time, this year’s edition includes several exhibitions under the motto “Breaking Point. Searching for Change”. They mirror the present current ecological, social, political and economic change and the reality of upheaval from a photographic perspective.

Concept of “Triennial of Photography”

Commenting on the concept, Candrowicz said: “We have put classic computer commands such as “[ENTER], [HOME], [CONTROL] und [SPACE] as a symbolic and ironic matrix above the exhibition’s projects and hope to hope to make today’s experience of reality tangible.” He added: “With the seventh edition of Germany’s oldest and continuous photo festival, photography is again offered a big stage in Hamburg.” The event is being staged across the city backed by museums, exhibition halls, galleries and art spaces.

Other highlight – 2Boats

During the opening festival from June 7 to 17, visitors can experience the return of [2Boats] or floating platforms by photographers Claudius Schulze (Hamburg) and Maciej Markowicz (Berlin) to Hamburg. As part of the 2017 Übermut Project and in preparation for the 2018 triennial, the artists travelled along European rivers and canals and served as ambassadors for the thriving art scenes in Hamburg and Berlin. Both photographers have an artistic interest in how environment, urbanity and photography relate to each other.

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Copyright of title photo: Errichiello Menichetti / Triennial of Photography Hamburg

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