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Smart future concepts unveiled on "New Mobility Day"

E-scooters, drones and MOIA bus presented at event in HafenCity

Visitors to the New Mobility Day Thursday (May 17) in HafenCity gained plenty of information about the latest innovations and projects targeting mobility of the future despite the stormy, cloudy weather. At the centre of events were smart, environment-friendly concepts, e-shuttles, sharing concepts and autonomous driving. Visitors also had an opportunity to view a prototype of a MOIA bus.

MOIA – social movement

The silent, electrically powered MOIA Plus 6 Bus did a few laps for a photo shoot. MOIA is aiming to lead mobility into the future by pooling vehicles and combining passengers and routes across Hamburg. A test phase with Volkswagen T6 buses has been underway in Hanover for some time. Christoph Ziegenmeyer, Public Relations Officer at MOIA, said: “We have tested mainly our algorithm in Hanover. The test gave us information about fleet management. Fewer vehicles are on the road at certain times of day so those periods can be used to recharge batteries.”


Passengers book a journey per app and say how many seats are required and give the point of departure and destination. The price is set before the trip. Passengers can “hop on” at virtual stops, which are within a walking distance of 250 metres maximum. “The vehicles are optimized for the pooling effect,” said Ziegenmeyer. MOIA hopes to launch its car poooling and sharing services in Hamburg in 2019 for four years.

Enhances public transport

IOKI, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn, is offering car sharing with autonomous vehicles to make mobility flexible regardless of time and place – in big cities or remote areas. Customers do not have to have their own car. “IOKI is focusing on enhancing local public transport. We want to concentrate on areas where we can strengthen the public transport system instead of replacing it,” said Alexander Pullig of Product Development.

MLOVE New Mobility Day Hamburg 2017

IOKI’s present fleet consists of several different vehicles all of which are electrical. “Depending on where IOKI is used, the vehicles can vary. Four to five-seaters in particular are in use at the moment,” said Pullig. The algorithm is being tested on a site in Frankfurt am Main. However, practical tests are underway in smaller places e.g. with an autonomous bus in Bad Birnbach, Lower Bavaria. So far, passengers have been enthusiastic about the service. IOKI will be integrated into Hamburg’s public transport system this year.

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