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Record visitor numbers at Hamburger Kunsthalle in 2016

2017 looks promising - two large exhibitions to begin in February

The Hamburg Kunsthalle had a record 562,018 visitors in 2016, the museum announced Wednesday (January 18). The record figures came despite extensive renovations that ended in April 2016 after 17 months. Parts of the museum had to be closed and led to a reduced exhibition area. A month’s free admission when the museum reopened played a key role in raising visitor numbers. Some 205,000 guests visited the museum from April 30-May 31, 2016 alone. Around 133,000 visitors viewed the Manet exhibition “Painting the Gaze” from April 27-September 4, 2016.

Exhibitions in 2017 – “Open Access”

This year looks promising for the Hamburger Kunsthalle with two upcoming exhibitions in February. Works by 23 international artists will be shown in the “Waiting. Between Power and Possibility” exhibition in the Gallery of Contemporary Art and at various other places outside the museum as well. The “Poetry of Venetian Painting” will highlight works by the Venetian artist Paris Bordonn (1500-1571). An experimental exhibition entitled “Open Access” this spring seeks to boost interaction between the public and concepts in education and mediation work.

150 paintings, watercolours and drawing

This summer, the “Art and Alphabet” exhibition will highlight the relationship between text and images in contemporary art. The exhibition includes works in diverse media by 20 artists who view different languages and writing systems as visual symbols and transform them into art. Later in autumn, the Kunsthalle will host the first extensive exhibition of 150 paintings, watercolours, drawings and craftworks by the Hamburg-based artist Anita Reé (1885-1993). Another exhibition called the “Light of the Campagna” will present works by the landscape artist Claude Gellée, called le Lorrain (1604/05– 1682) in French, later this year.

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