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New Food StartUp Delivers Fresh Produce

The young social enterprises "Frische Post" launched a grocery delivery service with focus on transparence, All products come from the Hamburg Metropolitan Region

The origin of fresh food plays an increasingly important role with consumers. Thus, the mission of the Hamburg startup “Frische Post” is transparency. Its delivery service for fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, baked goods and meat products as well as specialties offers an attractive alternative to the anonymity of the food industry. The social enterprise was founded by Juliane Oakleaf and Eva Neugebauer.

Direct Marketing of Fresh Food

Both founders know of the challenge of directly marketing fresh food from personal experience. To seek solutions to the problems they had encountered was thus a central focus of their business studies. With “Frische Post”, they enabled small enterprises from the region to sell their products through the platform and to establish at direct relationship between producer and consumer. All produce offered can be traced down to its place of origin. Producer are able to deliver their goods directly to the customer and do not have their leave their products to wholesale.

Greater Transparency

While Juliane Oakleaf is responsible for purchasing and financing, Eva Neugebauer is meeting the challenges of fresh food logistics. In addition, several interns and freelancers are work for “Frische Post”. In August 2014, the business model of “Frische Post” successfully passed firsts test. They also revealed a greater interest in transparency with consumers. Also, the project benefited from the trend towards online trade in food.

Target: 500 Households per Week

From its early beginnings, “Frische Post” has been funded by the Social Impact Lab Hamburg, supported by SAP and the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, among others. Furthermore, the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology is funding the project with an “exist” scholarship”. The female founders chose Hamburg as launch city of their new service due to the Hamburg Metropolitan Region’s strong and diversified agriculture, and the high demand for such a service found only in large cities. Their sales target for the next six months are deliveries to 500 households per week.

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