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New digital think tank at Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg

Digitization causing rapid economic change - Northern Institute of Technology Management experts seek to shape process

The Northern Institute of Technology Management (NIT) at the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) has started a digital think tank to pool expertise in digitization and new leadership, according to a press release on November 15. Verena Fritzsche, CEO of NIT, pointed out: “Many business models are no longer in step with the times. New technologies open up a variety of ways of developing value-chain potential. With this in mind, we want to examine and clarify the opportunities digitization offers when agile development processes are employed.” NIT’s digital experts lead and assist with change processes in organizations.

Shaping process better than reacting

Business, society and policy are under increasing pressure to change. Digitization is driving a transformation with an undetermined outcome. Rapid change is occurring in business models and workflows, production methods and product portfolios and require adjusted behaviour and sales channels. Many operations and regulations that worked well hitherto are now almost outdated. Sven Enger, one of those helping to build the digital think tank and bring together the related fields, noted: “You can try to adjust to this dynamic, but you probably won’t be able to keep up. It’s good to react as quickly as possible to external factors. But it’s better to guide and shape what’s occurring.” Enger has many years of experience as a member of the Board of Directors in several international companies and is an expert on digitization and social change.

Developing new approaches

Driven by the wish to pass this principle onto students and enable them to impact a strong partner network led to the creation of the NIT. The institute is now activating a network of decision-makers and business players to provide new momentum and explore how to master these challenges. Using an interdisciplinary, multiformat approach, they will query existing structures and develop new courses of action.

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Abou NIT

Students at the Northern Institute of Technology Management (NIT) learn how to manage and lead responsibly through the changes that come with digitization. They are experts in technology and entrepreneurial management, digital transformation and new leadership. Together with the Technical University Hamburg-Harburg (TUHH), the private institute has been offering English-language courses of study with M.A.s in Engineering und Technology Management since 1999. Around 30 high potentials graduate every year. Certain students receive scholarships from firms and foundations. Experienced engineers can complete the MBA programme while in employment. NIT also develops tailor made education offers for industry. The new digital think tank aims to pool expertise in digitization and new leadership. More information on:

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