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New Burger Restaurants In Hamburg

The restaurant's rely on individual business concepts and regional producers

While major fast-food chains suffer from severe declines in sales, individual burger restaurants are on the rise. In Hamburg, several new openings were celebrated in the past months. In October, a very special one opened at Mühlenkamp in Winterhude, offering 16 seats both indoor and outdoor : Edelsatt only grills game. Edelsatt was founded by the young entrepreneurs Johann-Philipp Jencquel and Sebastian Kämpfert, who both love to hunt. The gourmet duo serves delicious meat from deer, roe deer or wild boar to its guests. “Our ingredients are all source regionally,” says Jencquel. The venison comes from forests and meadows in Hamburg’s surroundings, the burger buns are produced by a Hamburg bakery.

Ratatouille Burger for Vegan

Also in Hamburg’s south, a unique burger restaurant opened in October: HBurger. Residing in a half-timbered house at Lämmertwiete, one of the most popular burger treats offered by the trained hotel manageress Jennifer Mundt in is the Big HBurger, composed of 150 g of grilled beef, Romaine lettuce, cheddar cheese, and home-made HBurger”-sauce. To please the palate of vegan guests, a ratatouille burger mit kidney beans patty has been added to the menu, which has been designed by a regular customer, Mats (25). ““We would like to add more exceptional burgers and original creations of our guests to the menu next year”, owner-operator Mundt told Hamburg News, and describes the ambience of its restaurants describes the restaurateur as stress free and comfortable. On Sunday, the jogging suit belongs to the dress code for staff and guests. “We thus celebrate our ‘fat Sonntag’.” HBurger offers 75 seats on two levels.

Looking for a New Location

Otto´s Burger started in Hamburg in 2014, with managing director Daniel MacGowan von Holstein opening his first restaurant at St. Georg’s Lange Reihe. In 2015, new branches were added: Otto´s Burger at Rotherbaum in March, followed by a venue in Ottensen in July, serving regionally sourced burgers to up to 60 guests. In October, the chain’s oldest location was closed. Too small to accommodate its diners, Oliver Klipp, one of Otto´s Burger’s managers, is looking for a larger venue in the trendy borough. The restaurant manager also envisages the further expansion of the chain.

Otto Burger’s signature dish is a cheeseburger with beef patty, lettuce, tomato, cheese, pickled onions, and homemade smokey mayonnaise. The burger bun come from a Hamburger Bakery, the beef from meat works near Uelzen, and all beverages primarily from producers in the region. To expand the menu, Otto’s Burgers co-operates with a local Craft Beer Brewery brewing on-site. “No. 1 “has particularly fruity flavour”, says CEO MacGowan von Holstein.

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