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A New App Improves the Work Flow

With modified tools and intelligent processes, mindflow optimises personal collaboration in meetings

Bye, bye flipchart: mindflow displays the results of brainstorming sessions in the meeting from the tablet to the beamer, thus making them visible to everyone straight away. In order to structure the ideas, results can also be visualised in clusters. “Brainstorming” is just one of the many tools provided by the innovative meeting app to conference participants. The “scoring” function allows users to evaluate content by granting points. The “Buzzer” makes it possible to intuitively evaluate proposals even under time pressure. The “ImageSort” function that has been developed by mindflow integrates a visual method to classify content into categories.

New Output

To operate properly, mindflow requires access to the tablet computers of all participants. This enables each group member to give his personal input. The head of the meeting steers the session via a control panel. “Using the new app will make the meeting not only more efficient, but also more varied,” says mindflow co-founder Pascal Riederer. “The tool will promote the creativity of the participants and thus stimulate a completely new output.” Also the follow-up of conferences can be simplified by mindflow. Offering e-mail and download functions, the results of a meeting can be immediately forwarded to the intended recipient.

Bundled Competences

The meeting software is a product of the mindflow Innovation GmbH, founded in 2014 by three Hamburg entrepreneurs that are still managing the company today. Björn Frädrich, already involved in the development of Nintendo DS games and the „Tagesschau App“, provided input for the gamification tool. l The new business expert Pascal Riederer is responsible for distribution, and PR. The former brand consultant Michael Schimming is steering marketing and finances. Next to these three founders, mindflow says to employ further five staff.

Strong Development Partners

Until now, the startup has been financed by bootstrapping, i.e. the founders’ capital with no external funding. According to the entrepreneurs, talks with potential investors are now under way. The software is currently in the beta phase and available for testing purposes. Trendone, XING AG and Hirschen Group are development partners of the startup. mindflow says the app has been successfully used at the Year of the Goat-Festival and the mLove Maker City Fest Hamburg.

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