Das neue vergrößerte Teilnehmerfeld (Batch 5) des next media accelerator © Tamin Tanot / Deutsche Presse-Agentur GmbH

More funds for Hamburg's next media accelerator

Eight media start-ups to take part in six-month next media accelerator programme - more investors sought .

Up to ten international media start-ups can take part in the expanded next media accelerator (nma) programme in Hamburg with higher financial resources and a broader investor community, a press release said Thursday (July 20, 2017). Start-ups can apply twice per year for the six-month programme, initiated by Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa), and receive up to EUR 50,000 in return for a maximum 10 per cent share of the company as well as intense mentoring support. “Our new expanded nma 2 funds allows us to include even more strong media start-ups from Europe and Israel in our programme. The teams can meet up to 20 renowned media and advertising companies in return,” said Nico Lumma, Managing Partner of nma.

Improving work for freelancers

The eight start-ups in the fifth batch include the social media app Cutnut developed by a German-Swedish start-up team. The app allows users to create and process videos. Iceland’s iBot allows providers of online shops to use a chatbot for customer contact. Germany’s aims to help companies improve work for freelancers while the Austrian start-up RAWR is using diverse widgets to raise user interaction on publishers’ web pages.

Online research tool checks urgent news

The Smob start-up wants to help firms, influencers and users to produce joint content while the Austrian-Swiss app Toby draws up shopping lists for users and shares them with other people. The 23° platform based in Austria aims to ease data searches for publishers while the online research tool Breaker is targeting journalists and helping them to gather and confirm the content of urgent news reports.

Search for national and international investors

Interested investors can take part in next media accelerator’s second funding round until late 2017. Bodo Kraeter, Managing Partner of the advisory Skillnet, which is responsible for fundraising, said: “We are open to national and international companies in the media, advertising, technology and services sectors who want to invest between at least 200,000 and a maximum of EUR 1 million. It is not decisive whether these companies are large and well-known, rather whether they are willing to work with the nma start-ups and test and use their products.” The partners will be given access to applications from hundreds of media-oriented start-ups from across Europe as part of the selection process, and will become shareholders in the start-ups selected by nma.

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