Luicella's Eismix in DHDL - © MG RTL D / Frank Hempel

"Lion" Frank Thelen to invest in Luiciella ice cream start-up

Thelen investing EUR 120,000 in ready-mix ice cream from Hamburg

An enthusiastic Frank Thelen, an investor on VOX TV’s “The Lion’s Den”, show did not hesitate Tuesday and offered the founders of Luiciella’s ready-mix ice cream, Markus Deibler and Luisa Mentele, an investment of EUR 120,000. Their “sensational” ice cream comes in quirky avocado with raspberry sauce, chocolate-orange, as well as chocolate and vanilla flavours. From the start, Ralf Dümmel, Managing Director of DS Produkte GmbH, had shown interest as well – and even got ice cream on his suit after inspecting the mixer.

10 per cent for EUR 120,000

Deibler and Mentele also run two ice cream parlours in Hamburg where the flavours are big hits. Mentele, 29, from north Germany is passionate about ice cream – so much so that she even moved to Bologna to do a degree at the Gelato University. Deibler, a former professional swimmer, is pushing ahead with the company, which is likely to earn a profit of EUR 100,000 in 2017, they said. The founders had hoped to seal a deal with a “lion” for an investment of EUR 120,000 in return for a 10 per cent share of the company.

Expertise in design and online sales

Three investment offers were made after their brilliant presentation. Dagmar Wöhrl and retail expert Dümmel each offered the requested sum in return for a 25.1 per cent share of the company. Thelen, an expert in technology, wanted a 20 per cent share in return for EUR 120,000 as well as his expertise in design and online sales. This offer eventually won over the two founders.

Take-over offer worth millions

During the third season of “The Lion’s Den” last year, the founders of Ankerkraut based in Jesteburg came away with a substantial investment from Thelen as well. Commenting on their success at the start of the new TV season, Ankerkraut’s founders Anne and Stefan Lemke said their company has expanded with his help. The company expects to produce around 5 million units in 2017 and needs 60 staff to manage production sites and warehouses. The duo recently rejected a take-over bid worth EUR 20 million.

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