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Hamburg Celebrates Latin America Festival for Three Months

The Latin America Autumn 2015 puts political aspects, lifestyles and cultures of Latin America and the Caribbean into the limelight

For three months, Hamburg will be celebrating South America: until 21 December, the city’s Latin America Autumn 2015 will provide a unique opportunity to explore Latin America’s countries, their culture, past, present, and future in numerous events held in two dozen locations throughout the city. More than 40 institutions are contributing to the programme, including the Latin American consulates, the Senate Chancellery and the EU-Latin America / Caribbean Foundation (EU-LAC), based in Hamburg since the end of 2011. On the agenda: theatre, cinema, dance, photo exhibitions, readings, discussions and a Mexican festival of death.

Close Ties by Tradition

Hamburg has always maintained very close ties with Latin America. In 1826, Hamburg was the first city to officially recognised the Latin American countries and fix trade regulations in contracts. Still today, Hamburg boasts some of the world’s best trade relations to the continent, with many Hanseatic trading companies present in this region. With more than 20 consulates, Latin American countries form the largest group of nearly 100 consular offices in Hamburg. Today, more than 15,000 Spanish and Portuguese speaking natives call the Hamburg Metropolitan Region their home, and enrich it in many ways – especially in culture and cuisine, music and art. In Hamburg alone, there are more than 1,300 Brazilians. The 170-member Clube Brasileiro de Hamburgo was founded in 1958 and is probably Hamburg’s oldest club foreigners. The numerous clubs, associations and economic development agencies in Hamburg regularly host events, thereby providing an important platform for dialogue for decision-makers from politics and business.

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