Haspa-Vorstand Jürgen Marquardt (links) präsentiert den neuen Nachbarschaftsservice "kiekmo" zusammen mit den Projektleitern Sarah Teich und Jochen Friedrich  - © Haspa

Haspa launches "kiekmo" service

First lockers available in Ottensen and Eimsbüttel - service to spread to entire city

The Hamburger Sparkasse (Haspa) presented Tuesday (July 25, 2017) its new “kiekmo” app combining a residential locker system with news and reports from suburbs. The kiekmo lockers are available 24/7 and can be reserved, opened and locked using a mobile phone app. The codes for the lockers can be shared online with others resulting in diverse options for use. Maren Ullrich, Haspa’s Marketing Manager, said: “We hope to make an active contribution to neighbourhood culture in Hamburg with kiekmo.”

Storage facility

The kiekmo lockers are part of innovative urban infrastructure and are similar to the sharing economy concepts behind urban bicycles and car rentals, according to Haspa. Users can store or swop items in the lockers. Around 100 lockers have been set up in nine places in Ottensen and Eimsbüttel in the pilot phase. Depending on the response to the lockers, kiekmo’s offer may spread all over Hamburg in 2018.

Eimsbüttler Nachrichten and Szene Hamburg

The kiekmo app will also provide local news and tips about events in the suburbs. The app will also include news from the daily Eimsbüttler Nachrichten and Szene Hamburg magazine. Users can like or comment on the reports. A digital notice board will be set up to encourage networking among residents.

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