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Hamburg's Museums to Start Instagram Campaign

#MuseumSwapHamburg is the new online platform for Hamburg's cultural institutions

Hamburg was a bit faster than Munich, with its huge cultural instaswap campaign starting on Friday, 27 November. Until 1 December, eight instagram photographers will be looking behind the scenes of Hamburg’s museums and upload their shots to #MuseumSwapHamburg. They will thus create a digital and colourful stories on Hamburg’s rich museum scene. Their collage will complement and transcend the real world of arts and culture will by its digital dimension.

On-Site Explorations

For five days, the eight instagram authors will document their journey through Hamburg’s museums with photos and stories about the collections, the history, the architecture, and talk to the organisers of the collections, who will open hidden cabinets and closed doors. Talks to visitors, and tours of workshops will complement their research. Visitors of the museums are invited to also contribute their shots, and thus continue and expand the Instagram expedition at #MuseumSwapHamburg.

Numerous Participants

Participating museums of the campaign #MuseumSwapHamburg include the Hamburg Museum of Archeology, the Bucerius Kunst Forum, Deichtorhallen Hamburg, the hamburgmuseum, , the city’s civic art gallery, Hamburger Kunsthalle, the concentration camp memorial KZ-Gedenkstätte Neuengamme, the Kunstverein Hamburg, and the city’s museum of arts and crafts Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg.

Second Instagram Event

The winter campaign follows in the footsteps of a summer event successfully premiered at the Hamburger Kunsthalle in June 2015, with the city’s civic art gallery hosting its very own #empty event. Launched by the US-American Instagrammer Dave Krugman in 2013, the world’s first #empty event took place in New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, which granted access to Instagrammers for taking and sharing pictures once closed to the general public. In mid-June, a 40 Instagrammes with a total of two million followers had thus explored the gallery. Now, the Hamburg museums hope for an even wider promotion through Instagram.

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