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Hamburg's Ankerkraut to enter "The Lion's Den" as new season starts

No signs of stage fright. Anne and Stefan Lemcke, founders of Ankerkraut, talk to Hamburg News before their appearance on VOX TV

The Hamburg-based start-up Ankerkraut sells high quality spice mixes without additives. The founders Anne and Stefan Lemcke scrutinise the raw goods in the port of Hamburg before processing them manually. The pair offers oregano, pepper, bell peppers and other spices online and at select sales distributors. The Lemckes spoke to Hamburg News before facing the jury Tuesday on the VOX TV show for start-ups.

Hamburg News: Why did you decide to take part in the show?

Anne & Stefan: We are long-term fans of the U.S. show “Shark Tank”. We have watched every episode of “The Lion’s Den” show since it began airing in Germany. And we have always dreamt of being in the “lion’s cage” ourselves. “The Lion’s Den” offers start-ups a unique stage. You can pitch directly to five investors and are addressing hundreds of potential investors, who are watching the show on TV, at the same time. Apart from that, you also have an opportunity to present your brand and product to millions of viewers.

Hamburg News: What will you do if you win or lose?

Anne & Stefan: Regardless of whether we win or lose, we are still going to go full speed ahead. As Ankerkraut finances itself and is bootstrapped, we have been in the black now for two years. So we do not necessarily need foreign capital. However, an investment offers huge potential for forging new paths. In our case, we would like to enter the food retail trade.

Hamburg News: Who are the people behind “Ankerkraut”?

Anne & Stefan: We have been married for five years and have a five-year-old son and a three-year-old daughter. I (Stefan) have always been mad about cooking even as a child. But I became a software developer instead of training as a chef. However, my passion for good taste has stayed. So in 2013, we launched our Ankerkraut business,

The Hamburg-based start-up Limberry will also be taking part in the upcoming season.

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