Hamburger Kreativgesellschaft promoting cross-sector collaboration

Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft announces new five-year project

The Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft is injecting around EUR 4 million in new events for students, self-employed people and established companies across diverse sectors as part of a five-year project announced in late June 2017. The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) is providing up to 50 per cent of the funds, according to Egbert Rühl, Managing Director of the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft. The project aims to develop solutions, products, services and business ideas and can help achieve transformation. The search for impetus from other sectors comes amid rapid change with greater emphasis on networking and co-operating, open innovation processes and co-learning constellations.

Lectures, hackathons and start-up days

The World Café is among the interdisciplinary events held by the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft in co-operation with the Center of Applied Aeronautical Research (ZAL) last year. The first World Café focused on advertising in the aviation sector and brought around 15 advertising executives and 15 aviation engineers together. Other cross-sector workshops with lectures, hackathons, bar camps, start-up days, will give people more opportunities to exchange ideas and work together.

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