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Hamburg ranks second on Digital Index 2019

City leads in terms of digital management

Berlin leads the way in terms of digitalisation levels across Germany with an index of 102.5 followed by Hamburg with 88.5 and Bremen with an index of 79.8, researchers at Public IT Competence Centre at the Fraunhofer Institute have found. Such issues are addressed by the “Germany Index of Digitalisation”:

Leading digital manager

Hamburg ranks first in digital administration, researchers found. The co-operation between various administrative levels and the clarity of the information available online were examined and evaluated. Hamburg also leads the Smart City Ranking, according to a nationwide study conducted by the U.S. Cisco telecommunications company.

Apart from broadband expansion and other infrastructure data, several indicators were taken into account such as the number of IT students in a German state or vacant IT positions. A nationwide convergence of digital living conditions can be observed, particularly in terms of infrastructure and private internet use. However, huge differences were revealed in commerce and in terms of local governments’ offers. The new German states, especially, performed poorly in terms of digitalisation.

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