Hamburg ranks among top 10 cities for start-ups

Hamburg gaining importance as a centre of start-ups - Nestpick analysed hundreds of cities worldwide

Hamburg has ranked ninth among the top ten most popular cities for start-ups, an analysis by the Nestpick online portal has found. The company examined hundreds of cities worldwide using criteria such as income levels, national services, cost of living, quality of life and shortlisted the 85 best locations. Hamburg’s port, good trade and production conditions are making the city an attractive breeding ground for start-ups.

Start-ups in every sector across Hamburg

The list of cities included start-ups hubs such as San Francisco and others like Lagos in Nigeria, which is paving the way for digitalisation in Africa. Singapore, Helsinki, San Francisco, Berlin, Stockholm, Tel Aviv, Zurich and Seoul ranked ahead of Hamburg.

All kinds of fledgling companies can be found in Hamburg. Innovative start-ups in the food and beverage sector impressed during the recent “Food Innovation Camp”“ in the Chamber of Commerce Hamburg. Around every tenth start-up launched in Hamburg has a business idea in the catering sector. Yet, start-ups in other sectors such as aviation and logistics are also on the rise.

Hamburg gaining importance for start-ups

Hamburg has Germany’s highest number of start-ups with 253 per every 10,000 inhabitants since 2014 putting it ahead of Berlin with 238, according to the start-up monitor by the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) published in May. Hamburg has the greatest potential for growth alongside Berlin and Frankfurt. Those launching start-ups are creative, innovative and courageous and develop new business models. “New companies present innovations, create jobs and are drivers of our economy as well as structural change. Hamburg has good framework conditions for founders and attracts talented people from all over the world not least because of the high standard of living. And Hamburg has become a popular location especially among digital start-ups,” said Frank Horch, Senator for Economics.

Another survey published in July by PricewaterhouseCoopers noted Hamburg’s rising popularity among start-ups ahead of Berlin and Frankfurt. Some 74 per cent of 450 start-ups interviewed believe that Hamburg will continue to gain importance.

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