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Hamburg picks up award at "Innovation Prize in German Aviation"

Hamburg wins two trophies - Airbus Operations and Jetlite start-up among winners

Airbus Operations won the “Innovation Prize” in German Aviation (IDL) in the Industry 4.0“ category Friday in Berlin while the Hamburg-based Jetlite start-up won the award in the “Customer Journey” category. Premium Aerotec, based in Varel, Lower Saxony won the “Emissions Reduction” category and Wingcopter based in Dieburg, won the “Rethinking Flying” tcategory.

Over 100 guests including politicians, leading representatives of science, research, and the aviation industry attended the award ceremony in Berlin. The winners received a glass statue of an airplane.

Implementation crucial criteria

Jetlites’s cabin lighting concept, which is tailored to the human biorhythm, won over the jury. Twenty-four different lighting scenarios on an aircraft ensure that passengers reach their destination well rested and with less jetlag. Airbus Operations’ “Printed Electrics” concept under which cables are printed, won over the jury. The idea continues a trend towards the electrification of aircraft, the jury said.

The jury, led by Prof. Rolf Henke, Member of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) Executive Board, had selected the prize-winners based on their power of innovation and implementation.

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