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Hamburg to host digital youth culture festival

From live hacking to Snapchat soap – Tincon promotes young people's media skills

Hamburg is hosting the Tincon digital youth culture festival for the first time on Friday (May 19, 2017). Around 1,000 delegates aged from 13 to 21 years will gain insight into a vast range of media in the Kulturzentrum Kampnagel. Special emphasis will be placed on media skills and digitalisation in reference to politics, data protection, gender and identity, code, hacking and DIY. YouTube stars including Elliott Tender aka Andre Teilzeit, Melissa Lee who features on the YouTube Breeding Unicorns channel and Oguz YIlmaz aka Y-Titty will be among the speakers at the festival. On-stage events and workshops as well as a gaming area will round off the programme.

Programming a multi-media centre for the home

The youths can learn how to shoot films with computer games in the “PLAY | Workshop: Machinima”, direct the action themselves and make an animated film in a short time. A workshop called “Programming with Raspberry Pi” by the University of Hamburg gives participants an opportunity to get to know a tiny computer, which is about the size of a credit card. The agenda also includes programming a multimedia centre for the home or building a retro-gaming station.

Focus on data security and protection

A hit Snapchat soap called iam.serafina and starring Franca Bolengo, who has played the leading role of Serafina since last October, is also among the Tincon events. The soap documents Franca’s life with her friends and flatmates in Munich on Snapchat. Franca will talk about life as a Snapchat star during the event. And experts will give her fans an opportunity to re-enact scenes from the original iam.serafina script. Later, a 16-year-old hacker will show participants how to outsmart virus scanners that infect computers and catch passwords during a live hack in a bid to raise young people’s awareness of data security and protection.

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