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Hamburg-based YouTuber turns passion into business model

Ship tester clocks up 13 million views and 19,000 subscribers - building a fan base is challenging

The cruise ship season has recently launched and Matthias Morr, a former radio journalist, is now giving viewers of his YouTube Schiffstester or ship tester channel a glimpse inside luxury liners sailing the high seas. Despite 13 million views and around 19,000 subscribers, Morr does not yet count among powerful influencers. However, he is definitely making headlines and leads official channel and that of the Online Marketing Rockstars. Morr finances his YouTube channel with advertising and is also sponsored by a cruise ship travel agency.


But what is the key to his success? “I am passionate about cruise shipping,” Morr explained. Establishing eye-level contact with viewers and becoming tangible also helps. Morr spent years learning the ins and outs of the technology e.g. how to raise the rank of longer videos on YouTube. His latest video shines the spotlight on a “really pretty” buffet and restaurant called “Abtanzbar“ aboard Mein Schiff 6. Other tours in the clips show just how enthusiastic Morr is about big ships: “I love the relaxation, the good food and just having to pack a suitcase once and being able to discover all kinds of new destinations.”

Targeting the over 35 age group

A press tour of a cruise ship in the Blohm + Voss shipyard in 2008 proved the turning point. Morr shot his first video on the spur of the moment and put it online. To his surprise, the number of his fans soared and Morr became a full-time influencer. Now, his subscribers include many people who have never even been aboard a passenger ship. Unlike most YouTube channels, the ship tester targets not only young people as most of his viewers are over 35 years, he noted.

Fan base instead of boss’ orders

Reporters sometimes have difficulty tracking down Moerr who has a busy schedule. After returning from a four-day tour aboard the AIDAperla, Moerr will report about the launch of “Mein Schiff 6” in the Port of Hamburg in early June. Then he will board the MSC Meraviglia in Le Havre and take the Norwegian Jade from Southampton back to Hamburg. “I have to ensure that I don’t get too much of a good thing. Otherwise, I will become dull,” he admitted.

However, the end to his stint as a cruise ship tester is not yet in sight. Morr has, however, no wish to return to a full-time job as a journalist: “Building up your own fan base is a great challenge. You have far more freedom and there is no editor-in-chief laying down the editorial line.”

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