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Hamburg-based founder to present super food supplement on "Lion's Den"

Jörn-Marc Vogler goes into business with Veluvia food supplement, waves goodbye to financial sector

Jörn-Marc Vogler, 45, founder of Veluvia is the latest, Hamburg-based entrepreneur to face judges on VOX TV’s “The Lion’s Den” when it airs Tuesday. Vogler will pitch the food supplement – or capsules full of only natural ingredients and free of additives. Asked about his motivation, Vogler said: “I want to be a role model for my children. Food is important.” Two capsules per day cover a person’s daily fruit and vegetables requirements. The former financial services executive is hoping for an investment of EUR 200,000 in return for a 10 per cent share of his company.

Hamburg News: Mr. Vogler, what prompted you to go on “The Lion’s Den” show and how have you prepared for it?

Vogler: We are looking for a partner who shares our vision and wants to make Veluvia big with us. So we were delighted to be selected for the show. It’s a great, once-off opportunity. In terms of preparation, we knew what to expect, as we know the programme. Apart from that, we know every minute detail of our company and products. Veluvia’s operational business was the best possible training, as we have to answer critical questions every day from our customers and sales partners.

Hamburg News: If one of the “lions” offers to invest, how will you use the investment?

Vogler: We would put the investment towards marketing to make the company better known beyond Hamburg and all over Germany. Our emphasis is on pharmacists’ sales.

Hamburg News: Which “lion” would you prefer?

Vogler: Our favourites are Ralf Dümmel, Frank Thelen and Carsten Maschmeyer. Dümmel is the king of trade and has many valuable contacts! Thelen comes from a family of pharmacists and can help us well online. And nobody can beat Maschmeyer in terms of marketing. He would be an excellent partner. However, he has already invested in the food supplement sector. So we have to convince him that he needs our product in his range.

Hamburg News: You used to work in the financial sector. What prompted you to set up your own food supplement business?

Vogler: I have always worked a lot and burnt the candle at both ends to the extent that I neglected food. I used to take ill often, slept badly and had no energy. I had long wanted to change this situation and find something to care for my body without interfering too much with everyday life. My wife Grazia De Francesco and my sister-in-law Beatrice De Francesco felt the same way and we founded Veluvia together in early 2015.

However, the births of our two children proved the real impetus for the business. Both were born three months premature. That experience and all the fear and anxiety made us focus even more on health and family. That is our daily, driving force and is reflected in Veluiva, our company’s name. “Ve” stands for vegetables and natural goodness, “lu” is for Luca and “via” for Flavia – our children’s names.

Thank you very much for the interview, Mr.Vogler.

Interview by: Christin Apenbrink

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