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Goodgame Studios Report Significant Growth In 2014

Hamburg-based games developer doubled revenue and workforce last year

Hamburg-based Goodgame Studios, Germany’s leading game software developer and publisher, published its annual financial figures for 2014 on Monday, 30 March 2015 . Operating under the legal name of Altigi GmbH, the company generated 202.09 million euro in revenue in 2014. In comparison with the 2013 revenue of 102.62 million euro, Goodgame Studios nearly doubled its revenue during 2014 by 97 percent. Earnings before interest, taxes, and depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) also showed a very successful development. At 34.79 million euro, earnings were 160 per cent higher than the total of 13.38 million euro in 2013.

Workforce Doubled To 1,168 Employees

The EBITDA margin increased by four per cent to 17 per cent during this time. The ongoing development of Goodgame Studios’ already successful titles have contributed significantly to the company’s positive balance sheet. The mobile app Empire: Four Kingdoms, for example, is the world’s highest grossing app by a German company. Goodgame Studios’ continued focus on strategic marketing methods has had a huge influence on the positive growth of revenue and earnings. This is also reflected by the ever-increasing number of registered players, which rose from 170 to 245 million in 2014. Alongside Goodgame Studios’ economic development, the company’s workforce increased from 609 to 1,168 employees in 2014.

Priorities 2015

Goodgame Studios aims to further strengthen its product portfolio in 2015, focussing especially on products for mobile platforms such as puzzler as well as on further advancing their successful strategy segment. The company has set up new in-house production studios, which are each specialised in a specific game genre. This internal structure will allow the company to develop and publish new successful titles more quickly and efficiently. Goodgame Studios is also developing sophisticated core gaming projects for various platforms, in the mid-term future. Investments planned for 2015 will be made from the cash flow generated by the company. The company’s plans for growth also include expanding its global user base as well as further increasing its workforce. Part of the internationalisation strategy is to develop investments and focus on intensifying the global rollouts of new and existing games. The company has set its sights on the Asian market in particular. Goodgame Studios further intends to hire 400 new employees in 2015 to achieve a total of 1600 staff members.

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