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Germans have not yet written off print, study finds

Study on behalf of nextMedia.Hamburg examined media consumption

A narrow majority of Germans (57 per cent) believe that print products have a future according to Statista, which conducted a representative study on behalf of nextMedia in the run-up to the scoopcamp 2018. The over 30-age group believes that the daily newspaper will continue to exist. However, younger interviewees, albeit in short supply, tend to predict an imminent replacement by mobile phones etc.

Virtual reality on the rise

Print media must share their target group with new media such as virtual reality. Germans know exactly which media areas they would like to experience in virtual reality with 67 per cent of those surveyed saying they wanted content about nature topics via VR. This came to 72 per cent among the over 50-year-olds. About half of those surveyed expressed an interest in sport or science and only a third expressed an interest in culture or politics via VR.

Artificial intelligence surrounded by scepticism

Artificial intelligence is gaining importance in journalism. Yet, 45 per cent of Germans believe the technology will not prevail and were sceptical of automated news. Some 49 per cent were critical and 28 per cent rejected this news outright. Only 3 per cent believe that robot journalism makes sense. These assessments are reflected by credibility ratings of automated news with 43 per cent saying such reports are untrustworthy. Only 18 per cent believed in this content and the remaining 39 per cent were undecided about its credibility. As a result, 91 per cent of Germans supported labelling automatically produced articles.

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