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Games Conference In Hamburg: What Print And Online Can Learn From Each Other

Cross-industry conference discussed new opportunities and revenue models

At the Hamburg Games Conference 2015, cross-media approaches to production and sales of computer games and entertainment products were in the focus. The speakers from the fields of gaming, film, book publishing, licensing and micropayment presented different perspectives of their multidimensional and interactive conceived projects to an audience of 150 experts that attended the conference at the Bucerius Law School on Thursday. The event was rounded by the Gamecity get-together.

More Time For Well-Reasoned Strategies

After the welcoming words of the organisers of the media law firm Graef and Dr. Carsten Brosda (Senate Chancellery, representative of the Senate for Media / nextMedia.Hamburg), Carsten Fichtelmann, CEO Daedalic, officially opened the event with his theory on the slowness of brands: “We are in a period of incredible turmoil. Distribution channels are changing at a tremendous speed. This is the right moment to take more risk, and, and the same time, to invest more time into well thought out strategies. “

Next to illustrating the challenges for today’s media producers, the manager of the game and entertainment publisher Daedalic delivered exciting insights into the implementation of the Ken Follett bestseller novel “The Pillars of the Earth” as a cross-platform computer and console game.

On Cyber Security

Michael Grotenhoff (Producer Filmtank GmbH) talked about the crossmedia project NetWars / out of CTRL, which has been implemented, inter alia, as a TV documentary, an interactive web documentary, and an interactive graphic novel on the issue of cyber security. “The digitised media industries need to create common values ​​and must try out different monetisation models for the different platforms of a brand”, he said. “Risk-taking and ‘trial and error` are essential. Otherwise, we make nothing new”, said the filmmaker.

The Great Potential Of Cross-Media Projects

The conclusion of Stefan Klein, Project Manager gamecity: Hamburg: “Whether games, ebooks, or online journalism – a large proportion of users and consumers will still assume that digital content must not be paid for. The Hamburg Games Conference has shown the potentials of cross-media projects and freemium models, which create a win-win situation for both the user and the producer.”

On the Hamburg Games Conference

Initiated by the media law firm Graef, the Hamburg Games Conference is an interdisciplinary conference for the games industry. Experts from different fields of work report on current industry issues and explain the latest trends in the field. The annual meeting is supported by the industry network gamecity: Hamburg.

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