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Free Wi-Fi in Hamburg's Deichtorhallen

Visitors can watch videos and audios about future exhibitions on smart phones or tablets

The Deichtorhallen Hamburg is set to become the first on the Hamburger Kunstmeile to offer free Wi-Fi immediately. Visitors to the exhibition hall for contemporary art and the “House of Photography” can access the internet fully and for unlimited periods of time. Login is simple and can be done on any mobile terminal. The free Wi-Fi network is being supported by Hamburg’s cultural authority as part of the eCulture Agenda 2020.

YouTube channel at Deichtorhallen

Prof. Barbara Kasseler, Senator for Culture, said: “More and cultural content will be digitally available to art lovers. Visitors to Deichtorhallen can avail of the in-depth information using the local, free Wi-Fi and get even more background information about an exhibition.” The YouTube channel will make accompanying videos available quickly and simply. Information and impressions from Deichtorhallen can also be shared on social media.

Multimedia guide for streamlines

As part of the digital communication concept, an extensive multimedia guide on Phillip Toledano’s exhibition in the “House of Photography” was realized last summer. The multimedia guide will be used in select exhibitions in future and from February 1, 2016, can be borrowed for the Streamlines exhibition in the hall for contemporary art.

App with contents of exhibition

Free Wi-Fi will also facilitate the expansion of the digital education service in Deichtorhallen. There are also plans to have the multimedia-guide available for download on an app. Then, visitors just have to click onto the contents of an exhibition in videos and audios from their own mobile terminals.

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About eCulture Agenda 2020:

The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg is going to greater efforts to achieve a smart city. One key objective is to give residents of Hamburg access to information and to facilitate and simplify networking and digital transfer. In early 2014, to plan digital access to culture in a structured way and by using resources efficiently, Hamburg’s cultural authority drew up an eCulture Agenda 2020. Since then, more and more eculture projects as well as international networking projects have been initiated and implemented. It is worth noting that the ideas have been jointly developed with representatives of cultural facilities, Hamburg’s creative sector and participating authorities. The contents of the agenda are available as a a pdf on

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