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Five tips from Google evangelist Jeremy Abbett

Question the status quo often, bringing varied perspectives together - Google evangelist Jeremy Abbett's tips for success

Many companies in Germany do not give their employees sufficient room for creativity. Boring offices, where everything is planned out, promote comfort and established structures. And that is not a good environment for innovation and creativity, Google’s Technology Evangelist Jeremy Abbett told Hamburg News and gave five simple tips for more innovation at work:

Tip 1: Foster diversity

It’s all in the mix, Abbett explained, adding, “What I mean as diversity is not just having a man or woman, but it’s also having people of diverse perspectives.“ Companies will benefit, if their employees have varied hobbies, experiences or attitudes.

Tip 2: Question things

“Fred in the accounting department has always done it this way.” Such phrases are often heard in offices. Abbett thinks the status quo should be queried instead. “That is hard for people to do, because you are dealing with politics in business,” he pointed out. So why continue to do something the way, you have always done it? This might be the right time to try something new.

Tip 3: Leave your comfort zone

Try things out, said Abbett. “A lot of times we get really, really, really comfortable. And in Germany the comfort zone gets really large.” However, those who wait for their pay cheque in their comfort zone will not overcome barriers to creativity.

Tip 4: Creativity in the office

Creative work requires a special office environment. “If you go to work and it feels like an insurance company, the chances of doing something amazing are definitely not so great. So it’s good to step out or having an environment that fosters creativity,” Abbett advised.

Tip 5: Try it out!

Last, but not least: Good ideas have to be realized. What sounds easy, requires plenty of courage and authority. “All of us have a lot of ideas, but it’s the people that should make them happen,” he noted.

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