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Feelgood generates individual plans based on the user's daily habits

Clothing, cosmetics, beauty… the internet is full of tips and tricks for your appearance. But when it comes to really working for you as an individual, the internet can quickly let you down. It’s all too generic.

Losing weight, keeping fit, and enhancing your body’s performance are very individual matters too, and it’s a tough call to match them up with one-size-fits-all rules. Hamburg startup Feelgood sees the world this way and has fused the advantages of online offerings with personal, professional assistance.

Starting point: your own body

The online platform,, invites you to start with a body check. You are asked about dietary and working habits, your daily routine, sporting condition, height and weight. You can choose whether you want to lose weight, improve fitness, or acquire a new balance in life. Your answers on everything from diet to how you get up in the morning will be evaluated by experts.

Feelgood’s founder, Moritz Mann, explains: “An in-house analysis is generated on the basis of this evaluation and an in-house concept that was developed in collaboration with respected scientists. This is the starting point for the rest of the consultation.”

The promise: an easier way to achieve your goals

What makes the method special is that you don’t have to adjust your life to general rules, diets, and training plans. Instead, you receive plans that are tailored to you and your habits, your daily routine and your personal fitness. “This makes it substantially easier to achieve your own goals, and more pleasant as well,” says Mann.

On target with an in-house app

The plan incorporates various interim goals, which can be checked with the help of a specially designed app, which includes a step counter that shows your activity in real time. For more personally tailored support, you can contact a personal coach. Feelgood membership starts at 6.95 Euros per month.

In the race for a year

The company was established in September 2013. Now, just over a year later, there are five permanent employees and three freelancers working on the project. There are around 20,000 users, and the app has been downloaded more than 10,000 times. Feelgood’s own goal? To further refine its analysis methods so it can produce more precisely tailored plans.

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