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eGovernment contest: Virtual Reality facilitates planning for 4.0

First prize for Ministry of Economics, Transport and Innovation in “Best Infrastructure Project” category

Hamburg’s Ministry of Economics, Transport and Innovation (BWVI) won first prize Tuesday (June 19, 2018) in the “Best Infrastructure Project” category in the eGovernment Contest at the Zukunftskongress Staat und Verwaltung (Future of the State and Administration Congress) in Berlin. The award was presented for the projects “Virtual and Augmented Reality in the Port of Hamburg” and for the “Virtual Reality Bus”. Programmes for modernizing and digitizing public administration in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are presented annually at the eGovernment Contest, which is held under the patronage of Professor Helge Braun, Head of the German Chancellery.

Virtual and Augmented Reality in the Port of Hamburg

The project presents the entire Port of Hamburg and its infrastructure in a 3D model and uses virtual and augmented reality to view, experience and lay plans. Construction projects can be visualized in the model of the port using the digital planning method Building Information Modelling (BIM). All those involved can go onto a construction site virtually. This could easily be transferred to the entire city of Hamburg. Residents would then be able glimpse the future with new construction programmes and see what is being planned. The Ernst August Lock is the pilot project. The BWVI, Hamburg Port Authority (HPA), the state concern Geoinformation und Vermessung, the University of Hamburg, HafenCity University and Absolute Software GmbH are working on this project together.

Virtual Reality bus

HPA and Hochbahn intend to research opportunities offered by virtual and augmented reality and have refurbished e.g. a minibus to explore the effect of virtual reality in moving objects. The three-seater has no windows, but widescreen monitors along the sides. Cameras are installed on the outside. Virtual mode can be switched on while travelling and an exterior world displayed as close to reality as possible. This gives the passengers the feeling of being in different surroundings with the use of 360-degree models and films. BWVI, HPA, Hochbahn, along with Jasper and MAN are partners to the project.

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